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Temperature, aerodynamic and force measurement specialist showcases a selection of new sensors
Texense™, 4 November 2016

Texense™ will be displaying its latest range for 2017, including new differential pressure sensors, a new wireless sensor and an inertia sensor.

Particular areas of development are the 8xpDiff and 16xpDiff differential pressure sensors, which have become prominent with F1 aero departments. The sensors offer class leading packaging, accuracy, thermal stability and 0.1mPSI/bit resolution. Complementing these sensors are the new Yaw Pitot, for measurements of differential air speed, differential yaw, air temperature and static pressure all packaged in one unit with a CAN output.

The company’s range of wireless sensors has also increased with the introduction of the new for 2017 genWm generic master receiver, allowing pairing of multiple Texense™ wireless products through one receiver. A typical installation on a F1 front wing assembly would use two wireless IRN8WS4 8 channel tyre temperature sensors and up to two wireless 8xpDiff differential pressure sensors for the aero measurements.

Another key product is a new High Temperature brake and clutch temperature sensor. The updated version sports a smaller and lighter enclosure, along with the ability to operate at temperatures of 200°C.

Specifically aimed at the motorcycle market, the RAD6 is a brand new and technology- packed inertial sensor. Using high accuracy gas accelerometers and gyroscopes with Texense™ own developed internal filters, this unit is capable of outputting via CAN complete inertial and lean angle data.

Texense™ is sharing the stand with world-renowned wiring harness manufacturer, Renvale which will be showing a range of the latest harnessing technologies including expansion and packaging possibilities using the new Texense™ 16 channel A-CAN configurable analogue to CAN converter.

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