7, 8, 9 November 2018
Köln Messe, Germany

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In 2018, Professional MotorSport World Expo will offer a series of free-to-attend motorsport performance workshops and conference sessions that will be led by some of the most experienced race engineers and motorsport experts from around the world. We are looking for potential speakers who are involved in motorsport engineering to put forward a proposal for a suitable presentation.

  • Race-car setup, vehicle dynamics and suspension tuning
  • Race-engine performance technology, development and testing
  • Transmission, driveline and differential technology and setup
  • Chassis technology, materials, design and manufacture
  • Maximising and understanding tyre performance
  • Lightweight and high-strength materials
  • Simulation and testing tools/techniques
  • ECU tuning and motorsport electronics
  • Driver health and performance
  • Attracting sponsorship and commercial opportunities
  • The electrification of motorsport
  • Additive manufacturing/3D printing
  • Motorsport business, venues and operations

Interested in participating?

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Please note that we will not be including any corporate profile-type presentations.

Please do not include trade names or trademarks within presentation titles.

As visitors attend from all over the world, all presentations must be given in English.

For further details, contact:

Tim Sandford, conference director

Tel: +44 1306 743744
Fax: +44 1306 877411
Email: tim.sandford@ukimediaevents.com

Please note: Your final full PowerPoint presentation will not be required until 29 July 2018